Frequently Asked Questions

For any question please call us at 866-NETBRIDE or email will meet ANY COMPETITOR’S prices, policies and special offers.  There is no sales tax on our gowns, this is probably an additional savings for you.   We are a brick and mortar store and family owned.  We’ve been in business since 1948, on the internet since 1995, and we are a member of the Better Business Bureau.  You’ll find our customer service is fast, friendly and professional.  Netbride… a name you can trust.

Our reputation: Our quotes are valid for as long as the factory continues the style, and as long as there is no factory price increase. is very proud of its service and reputation.  We have been on the internet since 1995.  Our bridal shop has been in business since 1948!  Our dresses are all originals and all come only via authorized dealers.

Most frequently asked questions are answered below:

Timing: Order as far ahead of your wedding as you can.  It is best to have lots of time for fittings and alterations.  No one can get faster delivery than we can.  You could not be in better hands.  You will be most pleased and impressed with our service.

Average delivery for all factories in all seasons is 11-16 weeks delivery time, and varies for different factories at different times.  Average means our guaranteed promise date may by less than 11 weeks away for some factories, but it may also be more than 16 weeks away for other factories.  If you are concerned you may have to place a rush order, you can email ‘’ at any time to find out the current delivery schedule for the designer you are wondering about.

We get the best delivery date possible when we place your order.  If a rush charge is required by factory to get to you in plenty of time we will let you know.  Rush delivery charges are on on the size chart info on our web site for each factory.  We will send you a confirmation that gives you a “guaranteed outside delivery date” based on the designer’s ACTUAL ship date for your order.  Your order will probably arrive well before the guaranteed outside delivery date, but never later!  If your wedding is close you may phone Emelia toll-free at 866-NETBRIDE (866-638-2743) to learn about rush handling of orders and the delivery situation with regard to your wedding date at this time.
Colors: Most factories make bridesmaid dresses in 20-30 different colors. To see colors available, go to the designer’s web site (you can get the link to their site on our home page).
Dye lots can NOT be guaranteed between different style #’s and/or fabrics, nor can they be guaranteed if the dresses are placed on more than one order.

Color Viewing: We cannot guarantee color will ever match a computer image; gowns can photograph differently and will look different from one computer monitor to another.

Choosing a Size: On this site you will find all of the factory size charts, important information on how to measure, and additional costs for extra size and extra length. Remember, factory measurements are approximate.  Be sure you use the factory size chart to aid you (do not go by your normal dress size, although it may be a consideration).  Gowns are not custom-made; therefore you need to order to fit the largest part of the body and take it in where it’s too large.  If a dress is too small it could be a real problem; if it is too large a seamstress can usually alter it to fit.  Sizes usually can not be changed once the order has been placed.

Extra Length/Plus Sizes: Most factories suggest that you should consider ordering extra length if you are 5’8” or taller with shoes on.  Other factors are heel of shoe, hem height off floor, etc.  Extra length is usually an additional 5″ of fabric added to the dress,  and you will need to hem the dress to length desired in almost every case.  Remember – if not sure, it’s better to have too much length and be able to shorten than to have a dress that’s too short.  See the factory ‘s size chart on our web site for more specific information. Extra length costs extra, as do most larger sizes over size 16.  For these costs see  the factory’s size chart .

It Matters Who You Order Your Gowns From: Beware of ordering from anyone who does not actually have a bridal shop, or whose shop is not financially sound.
We have many exclusive lines and can help you with almost every advertised gown or design house.  Designers seek out our business because of our long history, financial stability and great relationship with factories.

We own our own building debt-free, have never taken out  bank loans to cover operating costs, have a AAA credit rating with Dun&Bradstreet, and AAA credit with all of our factory vendors. Taking these things into account, you are as secure (if not more secure) ordering on the internet from us than buying from the shop in your town  — you could not be in better hands than you are with Netbride!

How We Can Quote Such Good Prices/Where We Get Our Gowns: We can give such good prices because we sell our gowns all over the world, and make up for the prices with volume.  We also have extremely low overhead (no high rent or large staff),  and do not have to pay sales commissions to our consultants.  We place most of our orders directly with the factory-designer through our bridal shop; we place some of our orders by networking with other bridal shops.  One thing you can count on: In either case, you get the gown you want, brand new, made by the factory-designer you ordered.  We guarantee this.

Testimonials: To view our many Unsolicited Testimonials.  Just click on “Testimonials” above.  They also contain email addresses so you can contact other brides just like yourself.

Our Guarantee: You will receive the gown you order, brand new from the designer, and you will receive it by the outside delivery date we give you in your Confirmation.  All gowns are shipped insured.

Manufacturer Guarantee: Gowns are special ordered from the manufacturer to your closest size.  They can not be returned to them if the sizes ordered are cut properly by the designer and conform reasonably to their size chart.  They can not be returned to the designer if you no longer like the style or color or fit.
If, however, the designer made a mistake and sent you for example the wrong size, or wrong color, or wrong style, then the designer stands behind its guarantee and will either repair or replace the dress.

How to Order: The best way to place your order is to use the online Order Form found  at our web site (and you will receive an immediate acknowledgment that your Order was received). gives you total security!  When you use our online Order Form, your confidential credit card information is entered via a secure bank website when you get to that part of the Order Form.

The next preferred method is to Fax your order to us.  You may also order by sending through US. Mail or by phoning us.  And you may always phone us if you have any questions.  You will find our web site address, fax and phone numbers at the end of our Order Form.
We will email you a Confirmation of your Order within 1-3 days.    The Confirmation will provide all information about your order including what you ordered, the shipping address and the outside guaranteed delivery date to you.